Landscape Horticulture Summer Intensive Class

Landscape Horticulture Summer  2014 Schedule

  • MERRITT COLLEGE 12500 Campus Drive, Oakland, CA 94619
  • Phone – (510) 436-2418
  • Summer Session June 23-July 10
  • Enroll On The Web
  • Continuing Student Enrollment Starts May; Open Enrollment Starts end of May
    Visit The Landscape Horticulture Dept.’s Website

LH-028 A-B / Permaculture Design – 3 UNITS

vegetables from the garden

Students harvesting greens they seeded and planted in the bed they constructed.

Strategies and techniques of basic permaculture design and application to design of livable human communities: Observation of natural patterns, gardening in urban settings, water/water recycling in the landscape, and commonalities with practices of indigenous peoples.

  • 28A: Permaculture ethics and basic principles, soil and soil fertility, flood and erosion control, and synergistic plant associations.
  • 28B: Design and assessment of landscapes, reducing waste and developing super efficient systems, advanced mulching techniques, and student designs.