Consults are usually a few hours in length and include a walk through a client’s yard with a local permaculture expert to help with basic and advanced questions.  Ongoing coaching is available throughout the year.

Topics frequently covered include plant health, plant placement, how to grow specific edibles, mulching, composting, rainwater, greywater, mushrooms, and more. Consults can be really useful in getting a fresh perspective from an outsider to help decide whether or not to remove a tree or to plant new trees.

basket of greens

Backyard basket of mustard greens, mizuna and broccoli

Clients that are new to a garden will want help in assessing the existing plants and landscape and determine what is useful and what should stay and what should be removed. Clients will have lots of practical suggestions on future projects from vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, redworm bins and compost systems, rainwater, greywater, and general landscape maintenance. Next steps can include a blueprint with planting plans, estimates for specific projects, or referrals for friendly contractors.

Tree tomatos

Tree tomatoes